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Setting Your Health Vision for 2021

By Sara Cyr, CHC


Goodbye standalone goals! Hello intention and vision!



● Ever feel overwhelmed or under-inspired by all of your health goals? Me too. Then I uncovered and started teaching the art and joy of setting goals along with  intentions and a guiding star called a Health Vision.
● In this post I will explain why a health vision is important, why goals can make us feel “less than”, and I ’ll give a brief outline of how to create your own health vision so you can feel empowered to make this year full of a healthier you!

What is a Vision, and Why Does it Matter?

Vision: the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Visions matter because they allow you to let go of current reality and dream big and far into the future without being bogged down by the future details of how, etc.
Visions allow for fun and expansion. Visioning allows for smiling and playfulness. They feel alive. Visions call us forward and they just plain feel good!

What’s the difference between a goal, intention and vision?

Goals and intentions are both tools that can help us attain our bigger vision.

Goal: specific action or desired result

Intention: a feeling or desire you’d like to bring about

Goal: I will run a 5k this year.

To me a goal lacks the vibrancy of a vision. A goal typically has more rigidity and a built in succeed/fail feeling. Maybe you trained for 3 months to improve your running
and then you got injured and missed your big day running your 5k race. Inherently for many, this feels like a failure because your mind naturally focuses on the race that
didn’t happen.

On the other hand, intentions create a feeling or desire for your future. Yes, they help foster a particular outcome just like a goal, but intentions are unattached to how it
will come to pass.


Intention: I am improving my cardiovascular health this year joyfully.

Intention honors the effort and process, not just the results. In the above 5k example, all of the running, learning about cardiovascular exercise and monitoring your heart
rate you did to prepare for the 5k supports your broader intention. I love that. Let’s all honor our effort and process and intention to be healthier!

Remember, goals and intentions are both tools that can help us attain our bigger vision.
Goal: specific action or desired result
Intention: a feeling or desire you’d like to bring about
Vision: the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Vision: As I finish the year, I am so proud that I’m walking and running with friends and family. It feels wonderful that my heart and I are healthy.
Your vision becomes your guiding star. Choose actions that move you closer to your vision.

How to Create Your Health Vision*

1. Make space for yourself to pause and feel at ease and dream.
Take some slower and deeper breaths to help you shift out of any stress (sympathetic nervous system) to help transition your body into the creation flow
(parasympathetic nervous system) which allows for robust dreaming.
Pro Tip: bring in a fun element like a candle or aromatherapy spray to make this focused time even more pleasurable. Who doesn’t need more joy?

2. Acknowledge goals
Since we are taught to think in goals you may have some floating in your brain competing for your time and resources. Jot them all down if you have some!
Circle the ones that support your vision.
I want to climb Mt. Greylock. I want to lose 20 l bs to feel lighter. I want to lower my blood pressure. I want my shoulder to heal. I want to get on one of those Stand Up Paddle boards I see on the lake!

3. Intention
What do I desire from the year?
Intention: I intend to live a physically active year feeling grateful for my body!
Pro Tip: To open up more space for your intention, let go of old beliefs or things that you feel are worn out now (even if they used to light you up!). Then invite in
more of what you’d like!
Let go: I am letting go of that gym membership. I am letting go of physical symptoms that remind me that I’m unwell. I am letting go of sitting & lethargy.
Invite in: I am inviting in hiking with my family. I’m inviting in feeling proud and strong and vibrant. I am inviting in maintaining my favorite healthier weight. I am
inviting in joy. I am inviting in more outside activity no matter what the weather.

4. Dive in...Create Your Health Vision
Begin with the end in mind. This is your chance to declare your destination. Your end is the healthy you that you want to be as you walk through the doors of
December 2021. ( it can be shorter or longer time period) Describe your healthy self in as much detail as pleases you. How do you intend to walk into December
2021? How do you want to look, act, feel? What activities do you enjoy, etc.

My health vision for 2021. I walk through the doors of December 2021 feeling strong in body and mind and breath! My immune system and blood pressure are
balancing. I am feeling strong and supple and at my favorite weight range. I’m enjoying my body. I’m on my stand up paddleboard happily trying something new. I am  laughing while I hike and climb new locations (possibly Mt. Pierce, NH) with girlfriends. I am welcoming in easy maintenance of my healthy body. I am vibrant. I feel free.
Pro tip: Choose words and images for your health vision that are present tense, full of expansion and words that light you up!
*There are many ways to create a health vision. This is just one!

BONUS: Solidify your intention and vision by bringing it into sharper shape and form with a physical symbol. Place your symbol where you can see it every day...reminding you of where you are going this year!

1. Write a letter to your future self.
Dear Future Self...I am so proud and grateful now that…

2. Create a collage.
Cut out pictures and words to evoke the feelings and experiences you desire.

3. Write your vision on a star.
Let this be your guiding it somewhere!

Next Steps

January is often the launchpad of our hopes and dreams. There’s something invigorating to walk into January. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel invigorated and proud of your health progress in December? The steps I listed are the basic scaffolding to bring your health vision into mind and help you attain the healthy year you desire.

Would you like to make this year different? Regarding your health, what do you think about taking some time to write down your hopes for 2021 for your health. If you’re ready take it even a step further by writing down your vision - I’m posting mine in my office as my guiding star to remind me of my destination. Where will you put yours to help lead you into December 2021?

More Support
Feeling overwhelmed? Interested in partnering on your Health Vision? Check out for special seasonal offerings such as Health Vision classes or treat yourself to a private session to help you create your own health vision or mini-visions. Let’s make 2021 our healthiest year yet!

Author: Sara Cyr, CHC | | 617-827-9354 ( text/call)






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