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an alternate path bakery

I know what you are thinking, an alternate path bakery?  That leaves a lot to the imagination!

And although your ideas would probably help put my bakery on the map, the alternate path I am referring to is meaningful in several delicious yet delicate layers.  After getting ill several years ago battling Lyme disease and post-Lyme neurological damage, I have had to find an alternate path in my life.  A large part of healing was cleaning up my diet/lifestyle and experimenting with healthy recipes whenever I could.  Even with being ill, there is always a joy that I would feel when I had the strength to cook for my husband, family members, and friends; even better knowing that I was feeding them clean and healthy dishes.  I am well-versed and understand anti-inflammatory diets, vegan lifestyle, gluten free, Paleo, Keto, Whole30® , socially responsible ingredients, low carb/sugar, yeast free, and of course organic. This is the alternate path my life has taken me as I still deal with health challenges.

This has led me to open She She’s Bakery! Our home-based alternate bakery which is completely vegan and yeast free!  We also offer gluten free and low carb options, plus other goodies that fit in with your healthy lifestyle. You can feel confident that what you are eating is home made, clean, and organic! Diet doesn’t have to be boring and I’ve got your back!

Check out our goodies and stay tuned for new creations each season.  Put in your special requests, tell me about your food allergies and food intolerances, share your health goals, and I will try my best so that you can still have treats that aren’t considered cheats!  

And most importantly, share YOUR health story with us, my Health Blog Page & Newsletter will feature written work of my customers and the health stories/topics they would like to share.  Submit your story to me via email at and after review, we will feature it on our Health Blog page.  You can also sign up to receive these posts as a newsletter that include - customers' health stories, healthy lifestyle tips/trends, and the latest news/offers from our bakery.

"clean" ingredients

Here's the gang!

Everything is home baked from scratch! We only use wholesome and organic ingredients that we feel confident about being the best for our customers' health, just like we do for our own family.

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